All members of our society and all active citizens can have an essential role in supporting vulnerable mental health groups, addressing the stigma of mental illness and creating communities that are more therapeutic and inclusive towards our fellow human beings facing psychosocial difficulties.  When we are all working together towards the same goal, our world becomes better.

Join our team and feel the joy of offering, meaningful engagement with the mental health sector, and creating new relationships of trust and solidarity. 

Fill out and send us the following registration form to learn more about the ways you can help us.

Frequent questions

EPAPSY is the administrative and scientific coordinator of twenty-three Accommodation Units, one Day Center, and two Mobile Units in Athens, Euboea, Livadia, Lamia, Trikala, North-East and West Cyclades (Milos, Paros).

Once a week for at least one hour.

  • Be aged from 18 to 65 years
  • Show interest and love for people and an understanding of their problems
  • Be able to cooperate and adapt to the objectives and work of EPAPSY
  • Coordination of creative activity groups (e.g., music, theater, singing, painting, crafts, etc.)
  • Organization of festive-recreational events
  • Assisting during day trips and outings in the community
  • Supporting vulnerable groups in accessing health services, insurance and/or other institutions
  • Participation in personalized treatment programs
  • Organization of cultural events in the community
  • Liaison with community actors for the social integration of the mentally ill people
  • Participation in research and service evaluation activities
  • Participation in ad hoc actions of EPAPSY and of our partners

Our volunteers, through helping to achieve psychosocial rehabilitation, develop skills, gain knowledge and experience, and scale up their talents and abilities.

Prerequisites for participating in EPAPSY’s volunteer programs are signing a volunteer agreement and attending the Volunteer Training Program, which is adapted to the needs of each institution and each personalized treatment program.

Volunteer Declaration Form

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