EPAPSY’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation Accommodation Units are places of accommodation, treatment and support for people with severe psychosocial difficulties and no house or family able to take care of them. Their operation is subject to the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation, community and social psychiatry, clinical psychopathology, and the implementation of the recovery model. The quality of the provided care is ensured through interdisciplinary collaborations, the WHO guidelines implementation, the ongoing training of our staff, and the liaison with local services, local actors, beneficiaries and their families. All units work with a clinical supervisor to ensure the quality of the provided services, while in collaboration with the EPAPSY’s Scientific Committee, scientific studies are carried out and innovative tools are introduced in the treatment approaches.

Combating the stigma of mental illness and social exclusion and the professional reintegration and reconnection of the beneficiaries with their family and social environment are key pillars of our work. Since the opening of our units, we have published numerous scientific articles on the work carried out in them and we participate regularly in scientific conferences.

Our Accommodation Units consist of Boarding Houses, Guest Houses and Protected Flats in the regions of Attica, Central Greece and Thessaly.

The Ministry of Health funds all our units and is responsible for their operation, while referrals are accepted from health institutions and social services, through the respective Health District. For further information, you can contact the Social Services Department of your municipality.