EPAPSY’s Guest House for Adolescents opened in March 2019, in the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi. It is an open-type, non-hospital mental health unit for adolescents aged 13-18 with psychiatric symptoms that require specialized treatment intervention away from their family/social environment. It can host up to eight (8) adolescents in collaboration with Psychiatric Units of Children and Adolescent Hospitals.

The operation of the unit is based on the principles of social care and environmental therapy, in order to create the appropriate conditions, which will ensure that the adolescents – and up to a certain extent their families – are as functional as possible. It creates conditions and provides experiences for the processing and treatment of mental health problems of its adolescent beneficiaries and ensures their best possible development and growth.

Our unit’s objectives:

  • Fulfillment of the emotional, learning, and educational needs of the adolescent beneficiaries
  • Development of their personal and social skills
  • Promotion of their prevocational training
  • Smooth return to their family and reintegration into the community

Services, actions and programs

  • Development and implementation of a personalized treatment program, adapted to the abilities and desires of each adolescent, which is regularly evaluated and adjusted according to the beneficiary’s needs
  • Psychiatric monitoring and pharmaceutical treatment of children
  • Psychological assessment and treatment 
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Counseling and psychoeducation of the family and support in welfare issues
  • Personalized support and training in self-care activities aimed at developing/enhancing independent living skills
  • Participation of adolescents in individual or group skill-building activities and socialization programs aimed at their personal development and social adaptation
  • Educational support and introduction to vocational guidance
  • Advocacy and promotion of the individual and social rights of the adolescents
  • Actions to combat the stigma and social exclusion


Contact Details

Address: 14 Kolokotroni st., Agia Paraskevi, GR- 15342

Tel.: +30 210 6000365


Scientific Coordinator: Konstantina Zervaki