Guesthouse Thetis – Protected Flat

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Kalymnou Str. 5, 152 31 Chalandri
Tel./ Fax: 210 6727601
Officer in charge: Ms. Varvara Karadede

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Guesthouse ‘Thetis’ - Protected Flat

The guesthouse started functioning in September 1993 in Cholargos in the framework of ‘deinstitutionalization and rehabilitation of the former PIKPA unit on the island of Leros’; it was the first guesthouse (unit for psychosocial rehabilitation) in Greece for people with
severe developmental disorders. It now belongs to the 6 th Mental Healthcare district (in Chalandri Municipality) and functions as a unit for psychosocial support and rehabilitation of long duration (max. 36 months long), addressed to adults with serious mental health issues.

It hosts 9 persons, men and women, 45 years old on average. Certain residents have the experience of their long-term commitment in Leros’ former PIKPA unit, but they managed to become active citizens again via the motivation provided by the life in the community and the supportive network provided in the guesthouse. In parallel, the unit hosts people from other community units and hospital psychiatric departments that do not dispose of this supportive environment or which the patients need to take some distance from, for practical and/or therapeutic reasons. The guesthouse staff is made of an interdisciplinary team of mental health professionals of different specializations working on a 24-hour basis.

Our unit’s objectives
  • Defending residents’ human rights via securing their quality of care and life
  • Minimizing stigma and discrimination against mental health patients towards rehabilitating and socially reintegrating them
  • Contributing to the development of community psychiatry and deinstitutionalization in the guesthouse’s competent area (6 th mental healthcare district)
  • Awareness raising in the community on mental health issues
  • Promoting mental health and preventing relapses and hospitalizations via developing and improving the residents’ practical, cognitive and social skills
  • Providing psychoeducation on mental health diseases
  • Strengthening social networking and family links
  • Preparing residents for, and providing professional training
  • Providing a platform for traineeships for undergraduate students of psychology, social work etc.
  • Providing a platform for volunteering for (mental) health professionals and other interested community members
  • Contributing to advancing science, via the sharing of good practices, publication of articles, offering of training programmes
Services provided
  • Individual sessions with the unit’s mental health service
  • Development of a personalized therapeutic plan in collaboration with residents
  • Annual follow-up of the residents’ medical condition via medical, laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • Follow-up on the residents’ chronic diseases and updating of personal medical files
  • Follow-up on residents’ psychiatric symptoms, using the Neuropsychiatric Inventory
  • Education and support in executing daily routine logistics (personal hygiene, food preparation, cleaning etc.)
  • Training in purchasing personal items and managing money via price benchmarking for standard goods
  • Road safety training
  • Participation in morning programmes of recreational activities and preparation for professional training (e.g. Day Care Centers, therapeutic horse riding or dance etc.), according to the residents’ needs and wishes
  • Participation in entertainment/social activities, individually or in group, aimed at cultivating a team spirit
  • Participation in community events OR Organization of events aimed at raising awareness and encouraging participation of community members / persons from the residents’ family, friend and social environment (e.g. the annual summer event organized in the guesthouse premises)
Protected Flat

The protected flat was established in 2000 aimed at providing specialized therapeutic support services to two people with severe mental health issues by encouraging the residents achieve the maximum possible level of autonomy, as well as their psychosocial rehabilitation and reintegration. The residents have ‘their own home’, organize their everyday life and take care of the house logistics on their own, leverage their leisure time as they wish, develop their personal network of relationships among their friends and relatives,
and – if possible – get employed; all that under the supervision and with the support of the guesthouse staff that supports them with the minimum possible level of interventions.


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