Guesthouse Ariadni – Protected Flat

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Mitropoleos Str. 18, 15124, Marousi

Tel.: 210 6777521

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Officer in charge: Foi Vana

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Guesthouse ‘Ariadni’ – Protected Flat

The guesthouse ‘Ariadni’ is a unit for psychosocial rehabilitation of long duration (max. 36 months long) established in 2000 in the framework of the Ministry of Healthcare programmefor the “direct support to the Psychiatric Hospital Dromokaitio”.

Seven adults reside in the guesthouse, men and women, who have experienced severe psychiatric disorders and, on top of that, face serious psychosocial issues.

The unit’s objectives

The provision of services in the unit’s community framework aims at reducing hospitalizations, improving the beneficiaries’ quality of life, and minimizing the negative psychosocial impact of mental health disease. The care model focuses within the community, in collaboration with the family.

Services provided

The guesthouse implements a daily programme addressing its beneficiaries’ needs in a
holistic way. It includes:

  • Psychiatric follow-up and treatment
  • Integrated treatment and care (pharmaceutical treatment, mental health treatment, rehabilitation interventions, support with social issues)
  • Specialized healthcare services in collaboration with medical professionals of various specializations
  • Development and implementation of a personal therapeutic plan towards improving interpersonal, social, self-service, self-care/self-hygiene skills – tailor-made for every resident’s objectives, capacities, needs
  • Preparation for taking residence in a semi-independent living framework
  • Preparation for professional reintegration in a protected employment framework (Social Cooperatives of Limited Liability)
  • Reconnection and collaboration with the family environment
  • Encouragement in growing social contacts and relationships within the community
  • Activities towards empowerment and self-organization
  • Awareness raising activities against mental health stigma and social exclusion
  • Activities to advocate and defend rights
  • Entertainment/leisure activities (social events, summer vacations, handicrafts group,
    music group etc.)


Upon conclusion of the rehabilitation programme, the unit aims at the continuation of the care residents receive via collaborations with other actors.


The guesthouse offers a framework for traineeships for students of psychology and social work, providing future mental health professionals with the opportunity to have an inside overview of the structure and function of the unit and contribute to groups and rehabilitation programmes, under the supervision of professionals of a similar specialization.

In that way, they get to understand the role and practical implementation of their profession, participate in clinical groups, training programmes, and community oriented mental health promotion activities. They can also get acquainted and collaborate with the
guesthouse network of service providers and partners.

Protected Flat

Since June 2013, the guesthouse ‘Ariadni’ also runs a protected flat for four residents, with co-funding from the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Healthcare. It hosts men and women who have completed the guesthouse’s therapeutic rehabilitation programme and dispose of basic functionality, self-service, self-care, and social skills for independent living.

The reduced level of support provided to the residents aims at their psychosocial integration to the society’s network, and the accomplishment of the maximum possible level of independence, autonomy, and efficiency, to sufficiently function on their own. The
guesthouse staff is periodically present, according to the needs, aimed at following up with and supporting the residents, based on their personalized therapeutic plans.


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