Day Care Center Franco Basaglia

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Salaminomachon Str. 24Ε, 151 25, Marousi
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Officer in charge: Mr. Dimitrios Trivelas

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Day Care Center Franco Basaglia

The Day Care Center for Psychosocial Interventions “Franco Basaglia” functions since February 2013. It is an open community mental health unit addressed to adults living in the 5 th Mental Healthcare District and their families. It offers many different services, with
respect to the needs, the experiences and the rights of beneficiaries as their common ground.

The Day Care Center does not work with people who suffer from addiction to substances and/or alcohol, mental disability and/or severe autism. It can, however, refer them to the appropriate services.

The interdisciplinary team of the Day Care Centre is staffed with experienced mental health professionals – psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapist, nurse, – all working together to support a wide variety of needs in a holistic way.

Our team’s objectives
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation
  • Prevention of relapses and avoidance of hospitalizations
  • Defending the rights of mental health services’ beneficiaries
  • Support to the reintegration in the job market
  • Awareness raising in the community to fight the stigma
Services offered

The daily schedule at the Day Care Center includes:

  • Memory clinic
  • Therapies to strengthen cognitive functionality (memory, attention etc.)
  • Speech therapy
  • Individual and group creative leisure activities
  • Physical training programme
  • Art therapy, therapy via the recollection of memories etc.


Psychiatric diagnosis, assessment, follow-up, prescriptions

The service is provided in an open-end approach. Standardized psychometric tools are used for the psychiatric assessment, while the prescription of psychiatric medicines is provided via EOPYY – the National Healthcare System.


Home Interventions and Open Dialogue service

The service supports and frames adult patients with a diagnosis of psychiatric disorder and their family environment. Members of the team pay beneficiaries home visits to jointly develop a therapeutic plan. The aim is to prevent relapses, avoid hospitalization, empower the beneficiary and improve his/her quality of life.

The Open Dialogue is a pilot-service activated as an intervention during a crisis, aimed at including the beneficiary’s support network into a process of discussion and negotiation of solutions to the problems faced with. The service is provided during home visits.


Short-term individual counseling
The mental health service offers individual sessions – usually between 15 and 52. Their duration is evaluated according to the therapeutic request, the symptoms and the needs of the person under treatment, as well as the service’s capacity at any given time. The mental health service is staffed with psychologists-psychotherapists of different theoretical approaches – psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral, art therapy etc. – and can address a wide diagnosis spectrum including emotional, personality, psychotic, neurotic and somatoform disorders.


Family & Couple Therapy
Family therapy addresses the issues of people in the framework of their relationships with significant persons in their life and social network. It is a well-recognized mental health approach, dealing with the family system as a social unit. The couple, the parents or the
whole family can assist these sessions.


Multifamily Group Therapy
This kind of therapy includes working with many families, with all their members involved in the sessions, in a group framework. It combines the power of the group process, the focus on the family therapy systems, and the interaction among members. Therapy is co-created among interacting team members, which include the mental health professionals, and family members of different cultural backgrounds and age zones.


Art therapy and music therapy
These services are provided to beneficiaries in collaboration with the Art & Psychotherapy Center and Sonora – the Interdisciplinary Association for Music Therapy and Research.


Group psychosocial rehabilitation programme for adults diagnosed with severe psychiatric disorders
The Day Care Center’s morning group programme works on weekdays between 10.00-15.00. It is addressed to adults with psychosocial difficulties in need to improve their interpersonal and social skills. It includes a wide spectrum of therapeutic and rehabilitation activities. It offers a structured weekly schedule to beneficiaries with the objective to empower them in their course towards psychosocial rehabilitation. The daily programme focuses on:

  • Assessing patients’ needs, identifying talents and potential, developing their skills
  • Preventing relapses
  • Avoiding and reducing (re-)hospitalizations in mental healthcare clinics
  • Informing, mobilizing and raising awareness among the local and wider community to fight stigma and discrimination
  • Informing and supporting the patients’ families
  • Supporting the reintegration in the job market
  • Creating a space of communication, self-expression, and mutual support
  • Empowering patients to actively participate in decision-making regarding the care received
  • Empowering patients to fight for their rights as mental health services’ beneficiaries


Social Club
This is a venue for groups of entertainment, social as well as therapeutic background. It is addressed to people with psychosocial difficulties both residing in a rehabilitation unit or in their own accommodation. It is aimed at helping them develop a social network, use their time creatively, cultivate their talents. The Club works during weekdays, in the afternoon.


Employment counselling service
This service offers support on employment issues as well as information on training and employment programmes of the National Workforce Service (OAED) and other actors.


Depot Clinic
The Depot Clinic is addressed to patients whose pharmaceutical treatment includes injectable long-acting antipsychotic drugs. This kind of therapy aims at preventing relapses, facilitating the patients into a more disciplined approach to their treatment, and easing their everyday life.


Social service
The social service provides information on social welfare benefits, rights, counselling, and links to other actors.


Community actions – Seminars – Publicity
The Day Care Center’s scientific team holds conferences and seminars, while it also reaches out to the public via the print and online media.


Training mental health professionals
There is an annual training programme on mental health, with monthly presentations- seminars at the premises of the Day Care Center.


As voluntary action offers both the volunteer and the beneficiary significant benefits, the Day Care Center works with a volunteers’ network, via which mental health professionals, but also volunteers of other backgrounds, participate in the implementation of varied activities, in a structured framework that provides them with opportunities for training, supervision, internships.


Official actor for mental health professionals’ internships
The Day Care Center’s mental health service is permanently collaborating with masters’ training programmes, as an official actor for the students’ internships, while it offers a framework field for the execution of students’ papers. Collaborating institutions include the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, the Democritus University of Thrace, the University of Western Attica, the Art & Psychotherapy Center.


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