Day Care Center for Dementia

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Tel.: 2410 257478 
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Working hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 20:00, Saturday 9:00 – 14:00

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Day Care Center for Dementia

The EPAPSY Day Care Centre for Dementia in Larisa started functioning in February 2021 with funding granted to EPAPSY for the establishment of a Special Day Care Center for Alzheimer’s disease in Larisa. This has been part of the 2014-2020 program to support the
Region of Thessaly, with co-funding from the European Social Fund.

It works as a unit of half-day stay and therapeutic care of patients with dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease or other related disorders, as well as support to their families. It offers many different services, with respect to the needs, the experiences and the rights of
beneficiaries as their common ground.

The interdisciplinary team of the Day Care Centre is staffed by neurologists, nurse, psychologists, speech therapist, physical trainer, social worker, administrative personnel – all working together to support a wide variety of needs in a holistic way. The team is
community oriented and welcomes collaborations with other actors, municipalities and services to ensure a continuous care. The access to services is free to all.

Our team works with the following approach:
  • An assessment based on medicinal – neurological, neuropsychological, speech therapy and mobility factors.
  • Group and individual rehabilitation programmes (e.g. cognitive – speech therapy interventions, psychoeducation etc.).
  • Creative leisure activities
  • Prevention, outreach, training and psychological support to people who live with dementia.
  • Actions aimed at outreach and awareness raising in the community.
Services offered
Prevention groups

Despite the lack of a radical therapy, and prevention methods not yet fully defined, more and more studies recently claim that the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease depends on adopting a specific lifestyle. For this reason, our center organizes prevention groups aimed
at cognitive empowerment, creative leisure activities, as well as counselling and psychological support to healthy elderly people.

Social service

The social service aims at informing and guiding interested parties on the use of the center’s services, the support and family counselling, the links to other actors, the advocacy for social rights, the outreach regarding social welfare benefits, as well as the outreach and awareness raising in the community.


Physiotherapy aims at improving mobility, balance, physical resilience and respiratory system capacity, towards facilitating the patients’ motivation, and offer them relief from strong physical discomfort.

Physical training

It includes activities like walking, cycling, aerobics, balance and muscular strengthening exercises, dancing, orthosomy, and exercises to improve various physical functions, aimed at encouraging self-servicing in everyday life (personal hygiene, eating, dressing), as well as improving the patients’ physical and mental condition and the quality of life in general.

Art therapy – Creative activities

Via drawing, music therapy, handicrafts, puzzles, literature, cinema etc. patients get motivated and can emotionally express themselves in a non-verbal way, improving their emotional condition and boosting their self-confidence. Therapy via the recollection of
positive memories aims at strengthening the self-esteem and the mindfulness of the person with dementia.

Community actions - Seminars - Publicity

The Day Care Center’s scientific team holds seminars on Alzheimer’s disease and relevant neurological disorders, while it also reaches out to the general public via the print and online media.


As voluntary action offers both the volunteer and the beneficiary significant benefits, the Day Care Center works with a volunteers’ network, via which mental health professionals, but also volunteers of other backgrounds, participate in the implementation of varied activities, in a structured framework that provides them with opportunities for training, supervision, internships.

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